Happily Green

…is a blog about happy life where I try to find the perfect balance with autoimmune disease and all those lovely things I want to do in my everyday life.
Outdoor is my passion  and if I can choose I would spend every waken moment (and many sleeping too) in the forest or on the lake / sea. Breathing the fresh air makes me happy and strong and on those moments I feel I can do anything.

Unfortunately the disease is not always thinking the same way so I also spend too much time indoors just sleeping and complaining when my whole body aches so much.
I try to create this blog for some kind of diary for myself and maybe inspiration and “I know what your are going through” place for you who have the similar situation.

For me the balance with food, sleep and stress is key for better life quality and because I can’t get the right treatment from doctors I try to figure everything out on my own.

While I write about my diet, share the recipes of those yummy things I eat and dream all of those happy energetic days, I hope to get to know also you better. Please, leave a note, share your story and let me know if my story is helping you.