December News

Hey, it’s me, Elin!

I’m really happy that you are here and I hope you will enjoy your stay and maybe come back sometimes soon!

I really like to write down my own recipes, and the good ones that I try from others. But I also like to share my garden stuff (from those few months when I can do garden stuff here in northern hemisphere), traveling stuff and the outdoor stuff… and yep, maybe some healthy stuff and a bit also a yoga stuff. So lots of stuff coming up, but the main focus is with the food and recipes.

I think this is a lifestyle blog, but for me this is a happy blog from my green life, indoor and outdoor. That’s where the name coms from, I love green, indoor and outdoor, in the nature and on my plate. But I eat meat, and fish, and everything else what Mother Nature provides, so no strict rules with that.. I can’t work with the gluten but feel free to enjoy tasty organic wheats as much as you like, I’m not the one who judge, just make sure that those are organic and local if possible.

I’m happy to here from you so feel free to comment or send me a mail!
Oh, and you can find all the social media channels from the side bar… and please, let me know where I can find you!


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